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Tiger Temple Tours
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  • TM: Tiger Temple Breakfast with Monks and Tigers. Afternoon elephants, rafting, zipline and Death Railway
  • WT: 1 Day Wine Tour visit different wineyards Chocolate Factory Tuscany wine village
  • FT: Tiger Temple Floating Market and bridge on the River Kwai and Elephant swing bathing and treking
  • TG: Tiger Temple Elephant riding Bridge on the River Kwai
  • TT: Tiger Temple only
  • TH: Tigers Bridge on the river kwai and Hellfire pass
  • TE: Tiger Temple National Park Erwan waterfall death railway
  • ED: Elephant training day and Bridge on the river Kwai option Floating Market
  • 2D: Floating Market Tiger Temple Elephant Bridge on the river Kwai option
  • KET: Elephant Training in the Morning Afternoon walking Tigers
  • CA3: Bangkok to Angkor wat 3 Day Tour
  • 3DE: Breakfast with Monks and Tiger Elephant Training Day Bridge on the river Kwai Death railway train ride
  • HT: Historical Tour Of Hellfire pass and the deathrailway
  • FTH: Floating Market Tiger Temple Hellfire pass Death railway
  • GPET: Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha, Emerald Buddha & Temple of Dawn
  • GDC: Bangkok Dinner cruise on the Chao Praya river
Recommended Tours - No Booking charges, taxes includined tour prices are all inclusive
Tiger Temple Tours
TM: Breakfast Monks/Tigers
FT: Floating Mkt Tiger Temple
TG: Tiger Temple River Kwai
TT: Tiger Temple Only
TMHD: TM tour Half Day Only
FTH: Float-Mkt Tigers Hellfirepass
TH: Tiger Temple Hellfire pass
TE: Erwan & Tiger Temple
BKTE: Tigers and Elephants
Tiger Temple Group Tours
GFT: Tigers Floating Mrkt
GKT: Tiger Rvr Kwai Brdg
Elephant Trekking Tours
ED: Training Bath Elephants
KET: 1Day Elephants & Tigers
FKE1: Floating Mrkt Elephants
2DE: Elephant & Tigers & Monks
3DE: 3Day Ele Training Camp
Floating Market Tours
GF:Floating Market Half Day
FT: Tiger Temple,River Kwai & Ele
FBE: Float-Mrkt Elephants Bridge
GFT:Floating Mrkt &Tiger Temple
FE: Floating Mrkt Elephant Rides
FE: Floating Mrkt Elephant Rides
FRE: F mkt ele,Rose-Garden
GFR:Flt+ Mrk+Croc+Rose Grdn
PF: Floating Market private tour
Bangkok to Angkor Wat
CA1: 1Day - Angkor Wat Tour
CA2: 2Day - Angkor Wat Tour
CA3: 3Day - Angkor Wat Tour
CA4: 4Day - Angkor Wat Tour
2/ 3/ 4 Day Tours
2TED: 2Day Tiger/Ele/Dolphin
2D: 2 Day Hellfire Tour Ele Tigers
3D: 3 Day Hellfire Tour Ele Tigers
2DE: 2 Day Tour Tigers & Ele.
3DE: 3 Day Tour Tigers & Ele.
5DPK: Bkk-Kanchanaburi-Pattaya
Best Bangkok Day Tours
AAP: Ancient city Ayutthaya
GDC: Dinner Cruises Bangkok
SD: Dolphin Sanctuary & Tiger
GAA: Ayutthaya Bkk River cruise
WT: Wine Tour Khao Yai Vineyard
GPET:Gnd Palace,Temple/Dawm
GYN: Khao Yai Park-Elephant Ride
GTA: Zip line top of Rain Forest
KN: Open Zoo-Tropical Gardens
BH1: Bangkok Hangover Tour
Bangkok Group Tours
GK:River Kwai with Lunch
GKT:Tiger Temple Rvr Kwai Brdg
GF:Floating Market Half Day
GFK: Floating Mrkt & River Kwai
GFT:Floating Mrkt &Tiger Temple
GT:Temple and City Tour
GFR:Flt+ Mrk+Croc+Rose Grdn
GR:Grand Palace Emerald Buddha
GS:Safari World with Lunch
GE:Elephant & Crocodile Show
GAC:Ancient City
GD:Dream World with Lunch
Pattaya Tours
GP:Pattaya & Coral Island
YTZ : Tiger Zoo Saracha
YLAN : Alangkarn Show
YTF: Tiffany Show in Pattaya
YUW: Underwater World
YET: Elephant Trekking & Oxcart
YMC: Croc Farm & Stone Park
Historical Tours
AAP: Historical tour Ayutthay
HT: Historical Tour
ANZAC: 3 Days: Anzac Day Tour
ANZAC: 9 Days: Anzac Day Tour

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